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1. 大学英语作文带翻译

My Campus Life 我的大学生活 My campus life is rich and colorful. 我的大学生活是丰富多彩的。 I go to attend claeveryday morning excluding 除了周末,我每天早上去上课。 weekend,in clai study and discuall kinds of 在课堂上我学习各种只是,knowledge with my teacher and my clas *** ates. 并和我的老师和同学讨论问题。 After the class, ofen i go to play basketball 下课以后,通常我和我的朋友去打篮球或者羽毛球。 or badminton with my friends. In the evening,i have o hours for study by 晚上,我先去上两个消失的自习, oneself in scheduled time, and then go back to my 然后回到侵蚀上网。 dormitory and surf on the inter. At the weekend,i take part in some part-time jobs 周末,我经常参加一些 *** 工作, and go to the Einglish Corner sometimes. 有时候去参加英语角。 All in all,my campus life is beatiful and substantial   you may feel that college life is boring. we do not know how to deal with the plenty of spare time. but i think the college life will bee wonderful as long as you make it meaningful. in your spare time, you could play basketball, football and so on. doing sports is very interesting and good for your health. in fact, you can do anything which you are interested in.do not be nervous.we are friends. studying in college is a brand new start of our life.you can continue to study hard for the better scords. libary is a good place for students to study in. if you want to show your talents and skills you can join in all kinds of activities. in a word,college life is wonderful! 中文翻译(我自己翻译的) 你或许会认为大学生活很枯燥,你不知道如何处理这么充足的空余时间。但是我认为只要你过得有意义大学生活会变得非常精彩。 在业余时间,你可以打篮球,踢足球等等,做运动是很有趣的,并且对你的健康也有帮助。 事实上,你可以做任何你喜欢做的事情。不要紧张,我们是朋友。 在大学里的学习是我们生活的新起点,为了好成绩你可以继续努力学习。图书馆是个学生学习的好地方,如果你想展示你的天赋和才能,你可以参加各种各样的活动。 总而言之,大学生活是非常精彩的! 


2. 大学英语作文翻译。


3. 大学英语作文翻译

           合理消费 Reasonable Consumption  
         Consumption is necessary. It promotes the economy. Consumption brings happiness for some people while it brings annoyance for other people, because they think it wastes the money. There are different viewpoints about consumption between the old and young generation. But I think reasonable consumption is the best.
         For the old generation, they are very frugal about everything, even the money. They believe that money is used for solving basic needs, and the rest of it should be saved. While for the young generation, they are more likely to use money to find fun. They like to go to the entertainment occasions, such as KTV, or go to barbecue with friends.
         The different ways of consumption are influenced by the living situation. The old generation has gone through the hard time, so they don’t have much pursuit for the entertainment, while the young are in the opposited way.
         Money should be used to improve life standard, or it will lose its meaning. In my opinion, some part of the money is needed to pay for amusement and social communication.
           学英语的意义 The Meaning of Learning English  
         There is no doubt that English is the most widely used language. In China, students have to learn it since they enter the primary school, even in some families, parents will hire tutors to help improve their children’s English level. The meaning of learning English is obvious.
         First, we need to keep pace with the time. When everybody is speaking English, if we don’t follow them, then we will be kicked out. Today, the world is globalized, people seek for cooperation, especially for the business. Mastering the English provides people chances to do the business and enlarge their business.
         Second, English as the common language provides people the stage to understand each other. When I travel abroad, I like to talk to the local people. No matter which country I go, everybody admits to communicate in English. We learn each other’s culture and talk happily. As I master English, I can go anywhere, communication is not the problem to stop me.
         As English is so important and practical, we should learn as much as we could, so as to make better preparation for our future.
           安乐死 Die With Pleasure  
         Mercy killling has been the hot issue and some animals were accepted this way of death. In some countries, mercy killing is legal for human being. When people are badly ill and have given up life, they wished to die with pleasure. Betsy Davis made her choice.
         Betsy Davis was an artist and she suffered from ALS. After being treated for some time, she still got sick worse and worse and she had big trouble in moving, so she decided to accept mercy killing. But she was not going to die sadly, instead, she emailed her families and friends to join her good-bye party for two days, and she told them not to be sad but only with pleasure.
         This woman was so positive, even at the end of her life. She smiled and had the happy memory. Everybody has his last day, but if he can die with pleasure, this is the best ending. Death is not scare. When people can smile to face it, their lives are colorful when they recall. That’s enough.


4. 大学生英语作文

Many famous quote about the spread of good faith, such as "Man does not stand, the country no letter is not strong." "Man Without faith, I wonder if it could have." "Stands by its word, line must be fruit." And so on. Indeed, integrity is the premise of everyone to settle down. Life in this world, every day we are dealing with different people, if lost others for their basic trust, we not become everyone avoided loner?
    Honesty is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Honest people like countless stars, shining in the course of history. Shang Yang standing trust, people gained confidence, thereby implementing the new law; Yu Pian assumes letter, won the respect of the world; Jizha hanging sword but Xuguo Guo Jun aspiration, transferred to eternal story.

    Temporal changes can be tempting integrity still flashing light. Many great men but also the integrity of the stick and force Walker. Deputy Chairman of the State when Soong, once promised kindergarten children "June" to go visit them, but "June" sudden change in weather that day, the next stop downpour, the teacher and the kids all thought she would not go a. Available at the agreed time, Soong familiar figure appeared in their vision, the kids excited, but also moved to tears left, and afterwards she said:. "Now I say, you have trustworthy"
However, in the 21st century, the integrity of some of the virtues but was gradually forgotten and lost.

    Do not you see, in order to reap huge profits, businesses have water to pork, seafood soaked in formalin, Do not you see, uncommon cigarettes alcohol, poisonous rice, inferior milk powder, black cotton, devastated much fresh life! The face of those endless liar, very hard to detect deception, deceptive products, frustration and helplessness in the goodness of people behind, even more frightening, the whole social system being honest and trustworthy unprecedented serious impact!

    Do not say these indifference nothing to do with me, but no appointment time with the students on time, plagiarism cheating in the examination room, after graduating from the delay in the repayment of student loans, which do not occur in our midst thing? What qualifications do we have to say has nothing to do with me? Perhaps you will say, these are just trivial, it is time for the event, I will naturally honest. As everyone knows, noble character is a little bit of training by the normal accumulation from in front of the little things still can not in good faith strict self-discipline, what about events? Develop an inertia in the little things will only make us farther and farther away from the integrity of the road.

    No human integrity, is a bleak and barren world. We integrity of others, is paid by the sincerity and trust, friendship and respect for harvest. This is an intangible asset, which is a heavy priceless. As the integrity of the foundation of our life will be more stable buildings, carrying integrity of the road, our journey of life will be more colorful!
Honesty is like a pool of clear water secluded, quiet, indifferent, beautiful, simple but clean it yourself face to the people to show their beauty. Is such a secluded lake clear lake, make our life more perfect.

    Embark on the journey again, when the road to bring honesty, and let us always this way with integrity counterparts!






5. 大学英语作文记叙文带翻译的

高中生活 High School Life  According to my memory, my high school life was full of happiness and fortune because of my lovely friend and teacher. They are sunshine in my high school life.   根据记忆,我的高中生活充满了幸福和运气,因为有可爱的朋友和老师。他们是我高中生活的阳光。   I met my best friend in senior one. She is a girl with long legs, white skin, and small face. What makes me a deep impression is her wide shoulder, wider than other girls who have the same height as her. She was kind, treating me just like I was her sister. I didn’t live in school dormitory, but she did. So, I slept with her at noon. Sometimes we argued, but we both checked our mistakes and recovered our relationship soon. When we were senior two, I moved in school dormitory, I didn’t feel comfortable in there very fast. She took care of me and made me feel warm. In my opinion, she is more than a friend, like a family.   在高一的时候我遇到了我最好的朋友。她是一个女孩,有着一条长长的腿,白皙的皮肤和小小的脸蛋。她比同身高的女生都要宽的宽宽的肩膀让我印象深刻。她很善良,对我就像是她妹妹一样。我不在学校宿舍住,但是她在。所以,中午我和她一起睡。有时候我们会争吵,但我们都自我反省,之后我们的关系很快就会恢复了。当我们高二的时候,我搬到学校宿舍住,很快我就觉得不舒服。她照顾我,让我感到很温暖。在我看来,她不止是朋友,也是家人。   As for my teachers, my chemistry teacher is my favorite teacher. She is a woman with sweet smile, not so tall, but she built a tall imagination in my heart. I used to chat with her result from my failure in the exam. She is a divorced woman; however, she was steel, living a happy life with her daughter. I  appreciate people with a strong heart, maybe the reason is that I want to be the kind of person who is always optimistic and can’t be defeated easily. She expresses that.   至于我的老师,我最喜欢的老师是我的化学老师。她是一个女老师,总是挂着甜美的微笑,她不是很高,但她在我的心里却是伟大的形象。我曾经因为考试不及格而和她聊天。她是一个离了婚的女人;然而,她却像钢铁一样坚强,和她的女儿过着幸福的生活。我很欣赏拥有一颗坚强的心的人,也许是因为我想成为一个永远乐观,不轻易被打败的人。她说道。   The high school memory is a valuable memory in my life. It’s my fortune to meet them, my sunshine.   在我的人生中高中记忆是我一段宝贵的记忆。遇见他们,我的阳光是我的运气。  


6. 大学生英语作文

The bright and dark sides of my university life

0933031005   Chen Ziguo   Condensed Matter Physics

Every coin has two sides. On the one hand, I am quite satisfied with my university life. On the other hand, life in my university is not as satisfactory as what we had expected.

Here is the bright side of my university life: Firstly, Equipment of my university is advanced and teacher team is powerful. There is an advanced library that owns all kinds of books. So we can acquire a lot of knowledge from my university. Secondly, all sorts of lectures are given on campus. We can learn much knowledge that is interesting. Thirdly, my campus activities are rich and colorful. Such as sports meets, speech contests, different social gatherings and dancing parties provide opportunities to make friends. What’s more, my dormitory life is very harmonious. Dormitory life is an important part of my university life. On the one hand, we can have a good rest and put our heart into study. On the other hand, we will have a good mood and enjoy being together.

This is the dark side of my university life: Firstly, there is only one dining room in my university. So we often need to wait in a long line, which waste much time. Everyday is always fixed cuisine types, which make our appetites depressed. Secondly, self-study room is not enough. Now we will soon take final exam. So it is difficult to find a self-study room. What’s more, network of my university is very unstable. It is difficult to search literature in my dormitory, which waste too much time. 

In short, I am quite satisfied with my university life, but there is still some room for improvement. I am convinced that my university life will become better and better.

7. 大学生 *** 英语作文

范文1 Taking a Part-Time Job Nowadays, many people think that college students should take a part-time job for several advantages. For one thing, it gives the students a chance to know the society to learn to be independent. For another, they can also get financial reward and working experience as well, such as teaching or selling practice, which is helpful to their growth. What's more, they can put what they have learned into practice, and know their strong and weak points so that they can improve their studies and personalities, which are beneficial in their later lives. However, still many people think taking part-time job may have some negative effects on students. In their opinions, it will take them much time and energy, and will affect their studies as a result. What's worse, some students may be so keen on making money that they may neglect their studies in the end. In my opinion, I am in favor of taking a part-time job. But we have to keep a balance beeen the job and the study. After all, study is our main task at school. 范文2 Taking a Part-Time Job Many college students take part-time jobs in their spare time. Whether it is good or bad is still subject to constant debates. Some people believe that taking a part-time job certainly brings about several advantages. To begin with,students can learn how to get along with people and know the society better by taking a part-time job. Furthermore, to take a part-time job provides the students with a valuable opportunity to put what he has learned from books into practice. Finally, students can make some money, which helps to unload their families' financial burden. However, problems may also arise. Firstly, some students spend too much time doing part-time jobs while neglecting their studies. Secondly, when taking part-time jobs, the students may be distracted from their studies by the colorful lives in the society. Thirdly, some students may be cheated or hurt by their employers, because they don't know how to protect themselves. As for me, I share the view that college students need to step out of the campus and take some part-time jobs if their schedule permits. After all, it opens them a window to know about the society, which is essential to their maturity. -转自[英美者]-英语专业网站: //enmajor/cn/Html/Listening_Speaking/English_Writing/3100662958   大学生 *** currently, more and more university students work part time during class time. on the one hand, some argue that universtity students should not take part-time jobs because the part-time jobs will reduce the time students spend on study, thus having a bad influence on the study of the university students. on the other hand, some advocate part-time jobs taken by the university students on the account that university student can learn more that cannot be taught in the textbooks from part-time. both sides have their own positions under some circumstances. then, should university students be encouraged to take part-time jobs? in my opinion, university students should take part-time jobs on condition that they can handle their study, as illustrated by the following *** ysis. first of all, we should make clear that college students take part-time jobs not for more money but for a better understanding of societies. by taking part-time jobs, college students can learn a lot that cannot exist on textbooks or classroom. as college students take more part-time jobs, they have a better chance to know what the society is like, and adapt to the shift in society easily. in this way, it is obvious that college students can benefit great from part-time jobs.also, the earnings of part-time jobs can relieve the financial burden of the college students to some extent. as we know, there are still a lot of students who take out a loan for university. thus, part-time jobs are useful for university students.admittedly, the students' job is to study, and it goes without saying that college students can benefit from part-time job if student cannot do well with their study. however, the benefits brought by part-time jobs drive students to take part-time jobs. from this point, we should strike a balance beeen part-time jobs and study.in conclusion, we can savely arrive at the position that university students should take part-time jobs on condition that they can handle their study by the above-mentioned reasons. 

大学生 *** 英语作文

8. 大学英语作文 大学英语作文带翻译范文

1、It is quite often seen that many students walk their pets on campus nowadays. For the owners, it is really good enjoyment and happiness. But for the other students, it may not so good. As more and more students bring their pets to campus, a cry for forbidding the pets brought to campus is higher and higher. For me, I think the owner shouldn’t take their cute pets on campus for the sake of clean.
 2、Firstly, keeping pets in dormitory will make dormitory smell bad and cause noise pollution. Pets couldn’t go to toilet and flush their waste as human does, so they just urine everywhere, which makes the place smelly. Besides, pets can make lots of noisy which is annoying especially at night. For other students who live with the owner, it is absolutely a disaster for they have to suffering from both the terrible smell and the disturbing noise.
 3、Secondly, raising pets can be time-consuming and even affect their study. For students, they are supposed to spend more time studying. If they put their focus on their pets, then they will have less time to study. Not to imagine that they will do good in their study.
 4、In conclusion, I don’t think it is good for students to raising pets on campus in consideration to the good of the public hygiene and also their improvement in their academic performance.